Friday, October 10, 2008

VINTAGE Crib and Highchair toy set BEFORE and AFTER!

A dear friend of mine asked me if I could paint and replace the fabric on this VINTAGE toy crib and highchair. I was honored to do so. My friend (Zaire) came across these as a neighbor was about to THROW THEM IN THE DUMPSTER!!!! She asked if she could have them for her nieces. HOW CRAZY THAT SOMEONE WAS ACTUALLY GONNA THROW THESE AWAY!!! The picture above is the BEFORE pic, there was a tag (UNDER PENALTY OF LAW) in the bottom of the highchair that had dates of July 3, 1926, April 24, 1929 and 1948 printed on the tags.

And here's the AFTER!!! I painted them pink and replaced the fabric with a RACHEL ASHWELL SHABBY CHIC FLORAL.

Here's the highchair......

Here's the crib....

L@@K how cute it looks with my pillows and my shabby chic bear, I so wish I could keep the toy set..hehe ;)

What a stunning differnce the after came out, I am so in love with the crib, if I had did this for myself I would have painted it WHITE and used it to store extra linens a few small throw pillows. Maybe when I go JuNkiN soon I can find me a toy crib ;)

It was hard work painting these and changing out the fabric but it was so much fun and worth my time. I hope that my friend's nieces enjoy these for years to come and who knows maybe their own daughters someday could have the pleasure of playin with this ADORABLE toy set. =D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shabby Chic Ice Skates

Just wanted to share a picture of my recent purchase from my friend Steph, I was so happy when I saw these beautiful ice skates they are going to go PERFECT with my Christmas decor.....I can't wait till Christmas now ;) Aren't they stunning?! The very talented and creative Steph painted them herself. Check out her etsy shop....she makes beautiful signs and faux cakes.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic Collection ON SALE at TARGET!

Our Target was havin a sale on some of Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic collection, I got these 2 window valances one is embroidered white and the other is the pink pathwork for ONLY $2.48 each!!! And the decoartive drapery rings where only $1.48 each!!! For a grand total of only &7.62 for all you see in the pic---WHAT A DEAL!!! I was so happy and to top it off........WE WON THE TEXAS LOTTERY!!!! Yes, we are a whole 40 bucks richer with a $1 lottery ticket that my son picked out using the "eni mini miny moe" method, hehe ;)
I just wanted to add that on our weekday trip to San Angelo, Texas for my son's dentist appt, I bought this cute ceramic sugar container for only $4.50!!! And I had to get this travel mug, it's so me with the brown and pink polka dots and of course the "R" for Rios :) Cashing in the change from my piggie bank paid off so well....THANK GOD for loose change! ;)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Junkin in San Angelo, Texas

September 25, 2008, our son had a denist appointment in San Angelo Texas which is 2 hours from where we live (Odessa, Tx) it's so worth the drive cause San Angelo is the most beautiful small town and they have the nicest shops and nicest people, this town is really proud of their history and they've done an AWESOME job at restoring their old homes and buildings, next time I am there I will take more pictures of the town. And my son's denist is SOOOO SWEET!

Here are a few pics of our lil weekday trip........

Cute lil dresser.

This is such an adorble lamp shade.

This is my fave shop! Voilet Rose has such pretty things :)

The blue glass is so pretty and I have that same Rachel Ashwell lamp shade.

Isn't this an adorable lil grocery cart?! It would look so CUTE painted pink like my friend Bekah's ;) hmmmm.....hopefully this cart will be here next time I am in San Angelo, Texas =D

This pink rocker is so CUTE!

I think everyones Grandma had one of these...mine did.

I love junkin with my boys! =D

I don't know who's car this is, but I am so in love with cute and the color is too die for ;)

My hubby John and our son Jeovanni tryin on hats =D

I fell in love with this peice, it would make the PERFECT kitchen island, it's really huge and the other side has pull out drawers too. I so want it ;)

This chair is so perfect and I love how it's chippy and distressed finish =D

This side table is so sweet and I love the color.

Cute metal green table.

I was grossed out when I saw this shop had items for sale in it's dirty bathroom! YES ya'll! those items you see in there are ACTUALLY items for sale and to top it off there is pee on seat of the toilet!!! How disgusting is it when that things gets flushed and those nasty germs stick on to the merchandise...YUCK!!!! Personally if I had a shop, I'd of course keep a clean bathroom BUT never would I put items for sale in it, LOL! We got a big kick out of this pic! =D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More pics of my cottage kitchen.

I wanted to take this opportunity to post some more pictures of my kitchen. This is my "hutch" I could not find an afforable hutch so I took a green table I already had and painted it white and added the top of a BATHROOM organizer that I got from Target (Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Collection) The base of the bathroom oraganizer was really skinny since it's meant to go above a toilet, hehe so I have that in my livingroom right when you walk in. I think it's a good temporary fix till I can find me my dream cottage farm house white hutch :) I would like to add that my good friend Steph (Shabby Girl) made me that cupcake sign as a gift she also gave me the Jenny Heid Holiday girl print which I double framed myself. The rest of the things you see are my crafts that I created. =D

No wasted space....I love how my cabinets have this lil cute shelf on the corner, it's perfect for displays. The pitcher in the middle is also a gift from my sweet friend Steph. The cute vintage salt n pepper shakers are from my mom.
My lil eating's the PERFECT size for our small family, it's jusy my hubby, our son and myself so there is no need at the moment for a large table. :)
I LOVE old doors! I was so happy when I went to one of my fave local antique shops and found this door for only 30 bucks! And of course I could not resist hanging stuff off it :) The cute cupcake towels where a gift from my sweet friend Jen (MermaidSparkle) Aren't they ABORABLE!?
That is an actual working phone, I got at Toys R Us, I added that vintage looking pic in it just to spice it up ;) If you look on the bottom by the door you will see an old pickle belong to my Grandmother who passed away a few years back (Feb 2005) she use to make sun tea in it.
My cozy eating area. :)
Why is there a sofa chair in my kitchen? Why not? ;) I belive that the heart of the home should be as cozy and comfy as the rest of the house. And my hubby John loves to watch me cook while sitting in that comfy chair. I also do some light reading from that chair.

Eventually we are going to get the matching stainless steel stove and dishwasher.
QUEEN OF THE KITCHEN! I painted the stove burner covers pink. And if anyone is wondering where I got a PINK coffee maker, PINK toaster and PINK microwave they are from, they only sell them online. :)

THERE ARE NO RULES WHEN IT COMES TO DECORATING YOUR HOME! It's something I have to remind myself often. I know my taste is very girlie and some might think I am INSANE to have all this PINK! But I asure you that every screw in my head is on tight and the hubby doesn't mind it on bit....he says I can decorate how ever I please as long as he comes home to a clean house and dinner :) He has even told me he likes the pink, it reminds him that a WOMAN lives here ;)

This is another view of my kitchen, I also would love to change put the drawer and cabinet knobs to clear glass ones, I painted those pink for now. And of course on my wish list is granite counter tops and a white farm house due time. :)

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blogs. ((HUGS))~Jess
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Jessica's Cottage Kitchen

Hey Ya'll! Just wanted to share some pics of my kitchen. This is my fave room in my home and my mission was to make it as cozy and comfy as possible. Is is bad to say that I love my kitchen? hehe ;) The cabinets before where finished in a light natural wood tone which we did not like so we painted them white and the end result is so AWESOME! Eventually we want to get the matching stainless steel stove and dishwasher.